Seamas Carey is a performer, composer and puppeteer based in Bristol. His stage career began at the age of 15, playing accordion, piano, double bass, banjo and various other instruments for a number of different bands and theatre projects.

He has toured both the UK and Europe extensively, working with Wild Works, Horse & Bamboo, Traveling Light Theatre, Bash Street Theatre, Shanty Theatre, Kneehigh Theatre, C-Scape Dance, Owdyado Theatre, English Heritage, Radjel and The Eden Project. During Christmas 2013, he played the part of Moomintroll, in Horse & Bamboo/The Egg’s production of Moominland Midwinter – the first ever UK stage adaption of The Moomins.

He is a founder member and joint artistic director of Bristol based theatre company Silly Boys, of whom he performs, composes and co-writes with.

Seamas also facilitates workshops and lectures for primary, secondary and A – level students. His focus is on music for silent film, theatre soundtrack, performing and puppetry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

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