Seamas Carey is a performer, composer and silent film pianist based in Bristol. Hailing originally from Cornwall, his career began at the age of 15, playing accordion, piano and double bass for various different  bands and theatre projects.

He has toured throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East, working with Wild Works, Horse & Bamboo, Kenny Wax & The Rose Theatre Kingston, Rabbit Theatre, Traveling Light Theatre, The Egg Theatre Bath, Bash Street Theatre, Shanty Theatre, Kneehigh Theatre, C-Scape Dance, Wassial Theatre, Dot & Ethel Theatre, Colchester Arts Centre and The Eden Project. 

He is a founder member and joint artistic director of Bristol based theatre company Silly Boys, of whom he performs, composes and co-writes with. Silly Boys recently completed a successful 5 month tour of their show ‘The Elves & The Shoemaker’ ending with a sell-out Christmas run at Colchester Arts Centre.

Seamas also facilitates workshops and lectures for primary, secondary and A – level students. His focus is on music for silent film, theatre soundtrack, performing and puppetry. He regularly accompanies silent films with live piano soundtracks, specialising in early comedies such as Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin films.

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