And we’re off !

And we’re off, Alan and Me…

So that’s it, myself and this guy (his name’s Allan)  are off, traveling around Europe with Bashstreet Theatre all this summer. This is us in the hotel room in Bucharest, chilling, the first stop on our three month tour. We’ll travel to 5 different countries, visit 25 venues and do more than 45 shows. And spend far too much time in the back of a big blue van. With Bashstreet, we’re performing our new silent move inspired street show, The Strongman; of which I’ve composed new piano music for, hold up some signs, and do a cheeky laugh every now and then.  A exciting and intresting way to spend a summer!

So far – Our first 2 shows were in a large park in Bucharest, and featuring at the Living Statues Festival. This was an interesting but none the less slow festival, where we did wonder if we were moving too fast. The shows were greatly received, and we were very  grateful to the Romanians for a lovely time.

We then spent two days traveling, making our way to west germany. Passing through the Romanian landscape was a treat, often spotting people in horse and cart, prostitutes and wild dogs on the side of the road. We then spent a night in Hungary, but this picture in the hotel room was about as much of what we saw of the countryside, as we had by then hit the motor-way.

A view of Hungary

Then, we performed in the pretty town of Rastatt, at the Tete-a-Tete festival. I find it hard to not enjoy a place when there is a constant free food and drink supply to be found in the festival bar, as was the case. A wonderful festival, Tete-a-Tete showcases fantastic street theatre companies from all over europe, and I was lucky enough to meet and make friends with some of them. After two shows in absolute down-poors, the last two were performed in the sun to a glorious, appreciative audience. The last night found me befriending and subsequently jamming with a french walkabout brass band called Tutti Frutti. It was a bit of a knees up, carrying on in to the wee hours of the morning, but by far the best way to end a brilliant festival!

Thus,  I slept most of the way home. Back to England safe and sound and time for some time off. But soon to continue the Bashstreet Saga…

I ended up doing this again…

Tutti Frutti !

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