Moominland Midwinter.


And so we find ourselves one week into the run, of Moominland Midwinter at The Egg, Bath. It’s hard to believe that we started rehearsals just about five weeks ago! With beautiful puppets and animations from Horse and Bamboo, a stunning set and a cracking cast, it’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of this lovely team.

Waking early from his winter hibernation, Moomintroll sets off to explore a snowy Moominland, but the places which he knows so well in summer have all changed. He finds Too-Ticky and her invisible shrews living in his summer bathing house and Little My is wearing Moominmamma’s tray and tea-cosy! Following a run-in with the Lady of the Cold and a certain forgetful Squirrel, Moomintroll is forced to make some very grown-up decisions… Heart-warming, humorous and spellbinding, this is a wondrous Christmas fantasy for all the family to enjoy together.

Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories are loved all over the world, crossing barriers of language, age and culture. The books have been translated into 43 different languages and have also been animated and turned into a feature film. This will be the first time ever that The Moomins have appeared on stage in the UK.

I feel hugely privileged to be part of this show. Not only due to the momentousness of it being the UK premier, but also due to my deep regard for The Moomins, and it’s entrancing world.

The show runs until the 12th of January, at The Egg, Bath.



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