A New Exciting Year


And so here we are. 2014. I’m writing this in-between shows at The Egg Theatre in Bath, during the last week of the Moomins run.

Its time to leave Moominland Midwinter behind and crack on with all the other projects on the to-do list. Firstly its time to start composing for two productions – The Winters Tale (YPT, The Egg in March) and 100 (Wild Works, Heligan Gardens in August). Recording has begun for both, with The Winters Tale having a pompous, string led recorded soundtrack. Using cello, mandolin and dulcimer to create a rather british Sicilia. 100 will be a one day, site-specific event in August, to commemorate the beginning of the First World War. I’ll be having a 2 day R&D session at The Kneehigh Barns, to start collecting the required sounds and tunes for the event. Wild Works are intending to work with all sorts of people from the community. So this will be my first time writing for choirs!


March see’s me embarking on a four month project with Sally Cookson and Benji Bower in Hetty Feather. The show will be premiered at The Rose Theatre Kingston in April, and will tour throughout the UK, and on to Dubai.

But there’s also more plans afoot with Silly Boys. Yes, as we take a break from touring after the success of The Tallest Horse on Earth; we will be returning in the autumn with a brand new children’s show, commissioned by Colchester Arts Centre. This show may tour, but will also be shorty followed up by Two Punks And A Tandem. A brand new play by Callum Mitchell, which all sounds very exciting.

Exciting indeed.



P.S. (And don’t forget Bash Street Theatre will be on tour with The Last Illusion this coming spring. Featuring live music by yours truly.)



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