2017 Hansel & Gretel (Cscape Dance). Composer, MD & Performer.

2017 Wolf’s Child (Wild Works). Performer

2017 Causley On A Cart (Kneehigh Theatre). Performer..

2017 Vibrant Lives Soundscape, Godolphin House (National Trust). Composer.

2017 Bellevue Hotel (Bash Street Theatre). Composer and Musical Director.

2017 Seamas Carey Meets His 4 Year Old Self (Homemade and Silly Boys). Composer and Performer.

2016 – 2017  946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips (Kneehigh Theatre & Shakespeare’s Globe). Performer. (Shakespeare’s Globe, UK & USA Tour)

2016 Ernie & The Sea of Ice (Quirk Theatre & Exeter Phoenix). Composer.

2016 Seamas Carey Meets His 4 Year Old Self, With A Choir (Homemade, Newlyn Art Gallery). Composer & Performer.

2016 Neptunalia (Cscape Dance Company). Composer.

2015 – 2016 Hetty Feather (Kenny Wax, Archer & Novel Theatre). Performer & Composition. (West End run & 12 month tour, UK & Florida USA)

2015 Wolf’s Child (Wild Works Theatre & Norfolk & Norwich Festival). Performer.

2015 Two Punks & A Tandem (Silly Boys). Performer and Sound Design.

2015 The Ugly Sisters (Bec Applebee Presents). Composer.

2015 The Giants (Wassail Theatre). Composer.

2015 Dracula Promo (Rabbit Theatre). Composer.

2014 The Yule-Tide Ark-Ive at The Eden Project (Wild Works Theatre & The Eden Project). Composer.

2014 The Elves & The Shoemaker (Silly Boys). Composer & Performer.

2014 100: The Day Our World Changed (Wild Works Theatre/The Lost Gardens of Heligan). Composer, Musical Director & Performer.

2014 The Tempest (Miracle Theatre). Additional Composition.

2014 Alone With Others (Dance Piece). Composer.

2014 Hetty Feather Live on Stage (Kenny Wax & Rose Theatre Kingston). Performer & Additional Composition.

2014 The Winters Tale (The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath). Composer & Sound Design.

2013 Moominland Midwinter (The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath). Puppeteer.

2013 Little Match Girl (Dot & Ethel). Composer & Musical Director.

2013 Ballad Of A Thin Man (Silly Boys). Composer.

2013 The Tallest Horse On Earth (Silly Boys). Composer & Performer.

2013 Great Expectations (Rabbit Theatre). Composer for Promo.

2013 Winter Dance Symposium (UCF) Performer.

2013 The Last Illusion (Bashstreet Theatre). Composer & Performer.

2012 Heidi A Goats Tale (The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath). Composer & Performer.

2012 The Strongman (Bashstreet Theatre). Composer & Performer

2011 Griselda’s Grandad (Shanty Theatre). Performer & Additional Composition

2011 The Lion Tamer (Bashstreet Theatre). Performer & Additional Composition



2016 Harold Lloyds ‘Safety Last’ (Smugglers Festival). Composer and solo piano.

2016 The Architecture of Comedy (Peckham Pelican & Colchester Arts Centre). Composer and solo piano.

2016 Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Blackmail’ (The Poly). Composer & Solo Piano.

2015 Buster Keaton’s ‘Sherlock Jr.’ (The Poly & Colchester Arts Centre). Composer & Solo Accompanist.

2014 Shoulder Arms (Silly Boys, Cornwall Film Festival, The Poly). Composer & Solo Accompanist.

2014 An Evening of Short Silent Comedies (Silly Boys). Composer & Solo Accompanist.

2013 The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Silent Film Club & Silly Boys). Composer & Performer.

2012  Steamboat Bill Jnr. (Silent Film Club). Composer & Performer.

2012 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Silent Film Club). Composer & Performer.

2011 An Evening of Silent Film (Silent Film Club). Solo Piano Accompanist.



The Busketeers, Seamas Carey Solo EP, Kneehigh Band, Underdog, Radjel, My Granny’s House, Captain Skalet, and 3 years as ‘In-house Accordionist’ at Provedore Café, Falmouth.


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